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Promises, Promises

Genesis 15: 1-3 "Sometime later, the Lord spoke to Abram in a vision and said to him, ‘Do not be afraid, Abram, for I will protect you, and your reward will be great.' But Abraham replied 'O Sovereign Lord, what good are all your blessings when I don't even have a son... You have given me no descendants of my own..." (NLT).

Have you ever found yourself growing weary waiting on Gods' promises? At this point in Abram's life God had already told him he would have many descendants. He'd given Abram a promise... but then nothing happened... for a REALLY long time.

Then one night the Lord speaks a comforting vision to Abram. But Abram, who has obviously been struggling for a while now, blurts out to God "What good are all your promises when I don't even have a son?"

I know a lot of single people (and I was one of them for a very long time) who experience blessings from God but Instead of erupting with joy and worship they lament, "But what does it matter if I don't have a spouse to share it with?" And I’ve heard of married people who are blessed with children and a spouse yet instead of giving glory to God they exclaim, "But what good is all this when the responsibilities of having a family are keeping me from obtaining my dreams and accomplishing something with my life?"

In other words, we humans struggle with a massive case of tunnel vision. We hyper focus on the one thing we don't have, and we regard all the other blessings God has given us as worthless. We want what we want. And we don't have it. And our hearts ache.

How did God deal with Abram's disbelief and discouragement? I find it comforting that God didn't smite Abram on the spot for doubting, or take the promise away. Instead the Lord spoke the truth to him again "No... you will have a son of your own."

Then the Lord took Abram outside and had him look up at the vast blanket of stars. God turned Abram's eyes to the miracle of creation—the awe­-inspiring masterpiece of God Himself and again He repeated His promise to Abram. And in that moment Abram's faith was restored (vs. 6). But his belief was very much like his human frame, weak and frail. Because he asked once more "How can I be sure that I will actually possess [Your promise]?" (vs 8, NLT). But God doesn't answer his question immediately. Instead God tells Abram to make an offering of worship to the Lord. And after Abram had done that God spoke the promise to him again, and in even greater detail. God kept reminding Abram of who He was, and all He had done. He turned Abram's eyes to the wonders of His creation and spoke the truth again and again.

When I get weary waiting for God's promises, and I start to think everything is hopeless and nothing matters anymore, God listens to my cries and gently lifts my head above my circumstances. He turns my eyes to Him instead. And I see it. I remember who God is and all He's done for me. I worship Him in the midst of the unknown, and my faith is restored. My soul is refreshed and my heart is comforted.

One last thought: After Abram initially believed in verse six it says “and the Lord counted him as righteous because of his faith.” We know because of Romans chapter four that Abram’s initial faith in God sealed his salvation. But Abram’s faith wasn’t perfect. He floundered and flailed. He even sinned by trying to make the promise happen by his own strength later on in Genesis. And yet God had mercy on him.

God tells us to have faith. He lifts our eyes to Him and reminds us of all He’s done. He wants us to have strong faith. That is the goal. But He knows we are human. He knows we are weak. And in His compassion, He still accepts our meager offerings of faith that look a lot like a three year old handing a parent a barely recognizable crayon drawing.

Because of the coming Messiah, Jesus, Abram’s faith—though imperfect—was counted as righteousness. And because of Jesus God accepts our meager offerings of faith and counts us as righteous. Jesus was perfect, yet God laid on Him the punishment for our sins and imperfections. Jesus received curses on earth instead of blessings. But because of His sacrifice we, who are imperfect, can still receive God’s blessings and promises though we cry out like the man in Mark chapter nine “I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief” (Mark 9:24, NLT).

Question: Are you weary waiting for God to act? Are you discouraged and full of doubt? Consider pouring out all your fears and doubts to your Heavenly Father. Then remember all He's done. Worship Him, and quiet your heart to hear Him speak. "Be still and know that [He is] God." (Psalm 46: 10 NLT). Most of all, remind yourself of God’s grace through the Gospel. And as your heart is renewed by the depth of His love, you may just find your faith renewed as well.

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