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The Fervent Life Speaking Engagements.

God's given me a passion to tell others about the fervent life they can have in Christ. I do that a lot through writing but in recent years He's called me into the world of speaking. Scroll down to find out how it all started.


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A Leap of Faith

For years I've poured myself into my God-given passion to write; to share the love and truth of Jesus Christ with others through the written word. A few years back, however, God began laying it on my heart to enter the world of speaking. He began urging me to step out from behind the keyboard and up to the microphone.

Wanna hear the funny part? I'd been deathly afraid of public speaking for as long as I could remember. The idea of standing in front of a bunch of people and giving a speech made me want to change my name and move to a deserted island.

But in January of 2015 God performed a miracle in my heart. He introduced me to a ministry for teen girls called Girls Nite In International, and He led me to speak at one of their events on the topic of suicide and depression. My fear was suddenly replaced by a fervency to communicate to these precious girls the hope I’d found in Jesus Christ. The altar call came and as I watched girls come up to the front to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, I burst into tears. I was overwhelmed by a new passion. That night God gave me a new dream to speak the love and hope of Christ to those who are hurting and lost in darkness.

Fast forward a few months to July 2015 where I attended my first writing and speaking conference. I arrived at Carol Kent’s Speak Up with Confidence conference intimidated and afraid, yet confident that God had led me to this place. I fell in love with my newfound passion over and over again as I listened to the seminars and formed bonds with fellow attendees.

Towards the end of the conference, however, fear threatened to swallow up my newfound purpose. Doubt, inadequacy, and despair filled my mind. I went from thinking all things were possible to curling up in a ball of discouragement and fear.

This world of writing and speaking was far too big and I was far too small. The realities of life stuck their sharp blades into my heart, and my dreams bled out. It was hopeless. There was no way I could make my God-given dream a reality with all these cold hard facts staring me in the face.

Tears burned my eyes as I told God, “I can’t do this. I’m weak. I’m scared. I’m broke. I’m unskilled—I don’t stand a chance. I have nothing to offer You—no reasons why I would be the best candidate for the job. On the contrary, I am extremely under-qualified to do what You’re calling me to do.”

But like the caring Father He is, God leaned down from heaven and said to me, “You’re right. You can’t work this out on your own. By your own resources and strength this is impossible; but with Me, all things are possible. I’m the one who’s going to work this out. I’m the one who will open doors and create opportunities. All you need to do is trust Me and surrender.”

Since that moment God has indeed opened up opportunities for me to speak the words He's placed on my heart, and I look forward to seeing the doors He will continue to open in the future! If you'd like to view some of my content and get a feel for my speaking ministry I encourage you to check out The Fervent Life podcast here.

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